Hollie is on an exciting journey towards Rio 2016.
Want to join the ride?

Hollie is on the look-out for Sponsors to join her exceptional career and share in her upcoming success. The potential for Companies and Individuals who come onboard early is astounding, especially considering Hollie's proven record and her prospects in Rio 2016.

Until now, Hollie's family have shown their dedication by supporting her career financially and have also relocated to Wales to be close to Hollie's Coaches and Training Grounds. However, the costs of of competing and training alone are incredible for athletes - this is where Sponsorship becomes a vital part of the process.

Hollie is looking for Car Sponsorship in particular to enable her to independently travel to training in Cardiff 6 times a week and also to travel to competitions within to UK.

Each Javelin: £500-£1000
Throwing Arm: £5000
Gym Arm: £5000
Javelin Boots: £100 per pair
Trainers: £80 per pair
Fitness Classes: £60 per week
Special Diet: £130 per week
Local Travel: £20 per week
Sports Supplements: £20 per week*
Vitamins & Minerals: £10 per week*
*from approved suppliers
Flights to Non-UKA Competitions: £300-£500 per flight
Accommodation at Foreign Venue: £200-£500 per week

...plus much, much more!!

Any level of support from Sponsors is gratefully received - from a single donation, to sponsorship of Hollie's equipment or part of her Training.

In return, Sponsors have the opportunity to associate themselves and their Brands with Hollie's impressive career as well as other unique opportunities.

To discuss Sponsorship options, to arrange a meeting or simply to find out more, please contact Hollie's team on 07872 464 100 or via email at info@holliearnold.com.

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